How To Get Reviews For A Photo Booth Business

All About Reviews & How To Get Em:

In case you missed our last post we talked about collecting customer data How To Get Business Reviewsin order to re market to them in case they don’t book on the initial call.

Collecting an email or adding a tracking pixel to your Header section on your site from either Facebook, Perfect Audience or Adroll is hands down the best way to convert missed website traffic into paying customers.

But hey, this article is about reviews right?


Reviews are IMO one of the top 3 factors in where your photo booth business will show in the local listings.  There’s about 40 factors but this one is key so don’t ignore it.


Acquiring Reviews For Your Business:

First, there’s a few sources of reviews and we’re gonna list them below in order of how ethical they are.

  • Actual customer reviews
  • Friends and family
  • Paid for-BIG NO NO!

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Data Collection: Re Marketing For Your Photo Booth Customers

Collecting emails from and re marketing to your photo booth customers isRetargeting Campaign the second factor that will be the decide whether your new photo booth business will need to add a second booth or a for sale listing on eBay! Don’t believe me? Click here to see what I mean.

Seriously though, every page on your website should be configured to collect an email opt in for a quote and become a lead.

Data Collection

If you’re doing well, you should close about 10-20% of the phone calls and web form submissions on your site. A big bold call to action like the one above the form in the pic above is all you need.

I swiped this cool image from Greensboro Photo Booth Rental. Like I said, every page on your website should have a form. Why? Imagine you own all the restaurants along a busy stretch of highway. No matter where that family of 5 returning from their trip to Disneyland decides to stop for a bite to eat you get paid.  Follow me?


Every page on your website is like it’s own restaurant. Traffic to your website can come from one of your home page, service pages, even your contact page if it’s optimized correctly. Continue reading “Data Collection: Re Marketing For Your Photo Booth Customers”


Marketing A Photo Booth Rental Business

So you’ve been toying with the idea of starting a new venture huh?  Cool. We’ll show you the foundation for marketing a photo booth rental business.

First things first though. It’s 2016, as of this post and if you’re not online you’ll get left behind. You feel me Frank? To build a successful photo booth business you first need a photo booth marketing plan right?

Here’s what I like to call The 5 Pillars of Local Marketing Success.

We break that down into the following:

  • Search ( Your Website + SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization )
  • Data
  • Reviews
  • Social Media
  • A Website That Converts Traffic Into Paying Clients

Notice I didn’t mention Yellow Pages anywhere in the bullet points above? Disclaimer: No offense to your Grandma and I love mine to pieces but that demographic is dying just like phone book advertising.  For REAL, most of your business will come from search engine traffic and referrals.

And unless you have a top ranked website in your city you’ll have to rely on services like Thumbtack where you bid against other photo booth rental businesses. Seriously though, you have to pay for the lead EVEN if you don’t get the client and trust me it get’s expensive peeing money down your leg without any cashflow coming in! Continue reading “Marketing A Photo Booth Rental Business”