Data Collection: Re Marketing For Your Photo Booth Customers

Collecting emails from and re marketing to your photo booth customers isRetargeting Campaign the second factor that will be the decide whether your new photo booth business will need to add a second booth or a for sale listing on eBay! Don’t believe me? Click here to see what I mean.

Seriously though, every page on your website should be configured to collect an email opt in for a quote and become a lead.

Data Collection

If you’re doing well, you should close about 10-20% of the phone calls and web form submissions on your site. A big bold call to action like the one above the form in the pic above is all you need.

I swiped this cool image from Greensboro Photo Booth Rental. Like I said, every page on your website should have a form. Why? Imagine you own all the restaurants along a busy stretch of highway. No matter where that family of 5 returning from their trip to Disneyland decides to stop for a bite to eat you get paid.  Follow me?


Every page on your website is like it’s own restaurant. Traffic to your website can come from one of your home page, service pages, even your contact page if it’s optimized correctly.

E Mail Marketing Pro Tip:

In the form above you’ll see that before they ask for your personal info they ask for “Event Type” and “Event Date” This sets the habit of your prospect into answering a few simple questions prior to giving up their personal information. Trust me it works. Conversions can be up to 20% higher if you set your form up this way.

Another tip is how you word your “Submit” button. Although the example above doesn’t contain it adding … to the submit button converts at a higher percentage as well. It should read Submit…

Data is extremely valuable.  Think of your favorite websites you visit. You click around shopping for a new piece of sporting equipment or pair of shoes. The kids start crying and you tap the back button on your browser.

The next time you visit Facebook or open your email, there’s an ad for the exact product you were droolin’ over only 30 minutes ago.

Retargeting Pixels

This is called retargeting. A simple piece of code called a pixel can be installed in the header of your website and when someone visits your site they get a cookie to track them around the web.

This allows you to follow your potential client around the web so you can be in front of them at all times. I’ll talk more about this in future posts but next on the schedule is reviews and how they can make or break a business.

In case you missed my last post where I talked about search and dominating the first pillar of photo booth marketing. In my expert opinion you need to master these photo booth marketing ideas in order before moving on. Just sayin. 😉




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