How To Get Reviews For A Photo Booth Business

All About Reviews & How To Get Em:

In case you missed our last post we talked about collecting customer data How To Get Business Reviewsin order to re market to them in case they don’t book on the initial call.

Collecting an email or adding a tracking pixel to your Header section on your site from either Facebook, Perfect Audience or Adroll is hands down the best way to convert missed website traffic into paying customers.

But hey, this article is about reviews right?


Reviews are IMO one of the top 3 factors in where your photo booth business will show in the local listings.  There’s about 40 factors but this one is key so don’t ignore it.


Acquiring Reviews For Your Business:

First, there’s a few sources of reviews and we’re gonna list them below in order of how ethical they are.

  • Actual customer reviews
  • Friends and family
  • Paid for-BIG NO NO!

Customer reviews:

One of our best strategies is to email or call our past clients and flat out ask them for a review.  Makes sense right? Sweeten the pot by offering a Starbuck’s gift card or a 10% off coupon on their next service.

Friends and Family:

Yeah, I’m suggesting you ask your Mom, sister or bestie from high school to leave you a thumbs up. Promise your Mom you’ll come over for Sunday dinner and we’re sure she’ll oblige your new business with an award winning appraisal.

Fiverr Gigs:

My least favorite method of getting reviews has gotta be paying for them. It’s just plain unethical IMO but hey, you’re the captain of your ship. The only time I’d advise using paid review gigs is if you have a nasty competitor Hell bent on destroying your progress.

Gonna close this post up by offering two tips,

  1. Go easy on the frequency of reviews. Google knows what looks natural so don’t go flooding your Google My Business listing with too many too soon. Mmm-kay?
  2. Make it easy on your clients.  If they have a gmail account give them them the link to your Google + page to leave a review there. If they have a Yahoo or Hotmail account send the to your Yelp page.

Our next post is gonna cover marketing your photo booth business on social media with an emphasis on using Facebook ads.

C-ya soon!




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