Marketing A Photo Booth Rental Business

So you’ve been toying with the idea of starting a new venture huh?  Cool. We’ll show you the foundation for marketing a photo booth rental business.

First things first though. It’s 2016, as of this post and if you’re not online you’ll get left behind. You feel me Frank? To build a successful photo booth business you first need a photo booth marketing plan right?

Here’s what I like to call The 5 Pillars of Local Marketing Success.

We break that down into the following:

  • Search ( Your Website + SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization )
  • Data
  • Reviews
  • Social Media
  • A Website That Converts Traffic Into Paying Clients

Notice I didn’t mention Yellow Pages anywhere in the bullet points above? Disclaimer: No offense to your Grandma and I love mine to pieces but that demographic is dying just like phone book advertising.  For REAL, most of your business will come from search engine traffic and referrals.

And unless you have a top ranked website in your city you’ll have to rely on services like Thumbtack where you bid against other photo booth rental businesses. Seriously though, you have to pay for the lead EVEN if you don’t get the client and trust me it get’s expensive peeing money down your leg without any cashflow coming in!

The best photo booth promotion ideas come from dominating the page 1 rankings in the local listings and organic search results.

We have several clients that just started their photo booth business and in a few short months after consulting with us they’re business is boomin’

Websites For A Photo Booth Rental Business

Your best customers will come form someone searching stuff like “City” + “Photo Booth Rental” Let’s face it, the world revolves around smartphones and the internet. So that’s where we want to be.

Your photo booth website needs to have a few critical features for it to turn visitors into buyers. With a custom website and SEO service it won’t take long to break your fledgling photo booth rental business out of obscurity.

When you’re starting out budgets can be tight but you gotta spend money to make money.  Many photo booth companies are here today, gone tomorrow all because they failed to market their business properly.

A photo booth rental business is a great model as you can buy a nice booth, props and hire out an attendant for under $8-$9K in most cases.

With that said your website is the foundation to your business. You’re probably an expert with the operation of your photo booth but a business needs only two things to survive.  Leads and sales.

Optimizing your website with great content is the first step to getting leads. If you need help setting up a great looking website that’s fully optimized see our Contact page here…

Our next post will cover capturing data so you can re market to your website visitors and past customers.

C-ya next time!





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